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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Note from the Staff: Exercise Benefits of Ballroom

We found this really cool article online about the health benefits of ballroom dance, just wanted to share it with you and let you know that you may be doing more for your physical health than you even realized.

Whether it seems that way or not, dancing is intense aerobic exercise. This fact alone explains why ballroom dancing has such a positive effect on one's health. Answer honestly, which would you rather do: a strenuous painful hour on the treadmill or a fun and fast-paced hour of latin dancing. For most, the latter is clearly more enticing. However, not only is dance great for cardio, it is truly a whole body workout. Don't be surprised to wake up after a night of dancing, with all your muscles aching (we sure love that feeling!) Out of many physical activities, dancing is considered to be one of the top five, burning more calories than all, but running. An average adult can burn between 200 and 500 calories during an hour of dance, depending on the intensity of the workout. Competitive dance workouts increase stamina, and many dances, both latin and standard improve flexibility and posture. In fact, dancing is a great sport for children with mild scoliosis as it may help to correct it. But, the benefits of ballroom dancing are far more numerous.

Exercise releases endorphins, or feel good chemicals into your blood stream. This means that even a little dancing can improve your mood. A long stressful and tense day at work or school can be balanced with just half an hour of dance. Still, dancing can do more than just cure depression or help you lose weight. Ballroom is good for your brain. In fact, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that dancing can diminish the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's because it is both a physical and social activity that requires a certain degree of memorization. Dancing also helps strengthen muscles and build bone mass which can help prevent osteoporosis.

Hope to see you "working out" in the studio soon!


The Staff of Arthur Murray Palm Harbor

-Artwork by Genesis Morales-

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At January 29, 2011 at 4:40 AM , Anonymous dancingqueen said...

I agree with you, dancing for me is not just for fun but for my health:) Thant's why I love ballroom dancing rather than doing with non-sense thing:)


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