1st - Lania & David on Studio 10 TV with Holley Sinn &
Jerome Ritchey
2nd - Lania & Fire Chief Jim Angle on FOX On Your Block
3rd - David & County Commissioner Susan Latvala at
Dancing with the Palm Harbor Stars
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arthur Murray's Murder Mystery Dance Party

Arthur Murray Palm Harbor is always hosting fantastically fun themed dance parties. For Halloween each guest was given a character and background in a murder mystery. Between dances, guests were being escorted to the "library" or "kitchen" to exchange clues . . . or possibly be murdered. We had a wonderful time and want to thank all of our great students who made the party so much fun! Thanks for the great ballroom dancing as well as the spooky murder mystery!

We are also proud of the triple swing performance by our student Pete (aka Fred Flintstone) from Hudson and his teacher Lania Berger (aka the bumble bee). Click on the blog title to see the youtube clip of Pete's Yabadabadoo Triple Swing. You can enter Arthur Murray Palm Harbor in the youtube search and you will see more of our dance performances, ballroom dancing group classes, student dance nights out, dancing parties, and more.

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